5 Ways to Make Your Multi-Channel Marketing More Effective


No… it’s not running away to a tropical island.

Instead, take a deep breath and a step back to look at the big picture of marketing today. It doesn’t matter if you are selling motorcycle handlebars, Caribbean vacations, or GPS vehicle tracking systems with a complex management software system — you need to reach your customers, clients, and prospects EVERYWHERE THEY WANT to be reached. This can make marketing seem just a little daunting to most sane people.   One option is to try to deny it, but that unfortunately is not going to change the reality. Marketing via multiple channels just makes good business sense. It offers your customers increased opportunities to interact with your company — in the way they want to interact.

SO…best to remain calm (!) and learn to use all the amazing (and marketer-friendly) marketing automation tools that have evolved to handle the onslaught of message segmentation, data collection, and 24/7 drip communication required to match the new self-serve experience people expect throughout their personal and business lives.

Preparation, planning, execution and review are the essential elements for your multi-channel marketing success. That may sound like a lot, but if you break it down to these 5 BIG PICTURE steps, you’ll have a flexible working plan that will maximize your multi-channel performance:

  1. Segment Offers and Messages by Channel – create a plan that matches offers and content to the style and purpose of each channel. Start with profiling the best customers by channel, then use that to drive interesting and compelling content in whatever their favorite formats are – video, emails, webinars, white papers, coupons, sweepstakes….mix and match and test!
  2. Set Goals – write down the objective and meaning of success for each channel you operate in. Is it driving in-store traffic? Is it growing your email list? Well, Which channel is best geared toward that objective for your particular audience?
  3. Measure  – exact or directional response tracking is available for every channel. Review results and evaluate what is meeting your goals and what activities are falling short, then adapt, test, and review again.
  4. Stay Consistent – customers and prospects look for a consistent experience from your brand across all channels. Create a seamless feel and tone and content style for them. Don’t jar them with the unexpected, delight them with a new twist on the topic or method of getting the information they like.
  5. Test New Spaces quick tests of your content and offers in new channels are fairly simple and don’t require a huge capital outlay to explore. Try a well thought out, small test in a new channel. Ask customers/prospects where else they commonly visit or send them the invite to your “new idea” and see if they embrace it — they’ll be all to happy to tell you directly or through the tracking stats.

Test the water in 5 places then prioritize where to jump in – but don’t just sit on the beach watching the waves – that’ll cost you customers and revenue.