7 Marketing Automation Bright Ideas to Drive Leads and Revenue


Fill every seat in the house, hit every quarterly sales quota, or collect tons of future best customers by automating these 7 basic prospect and customer interactions.


1.  Nurture Programs 
Create an opening impression that lasts longer that 1 look. Marketing automation can tell your story in the way that’s most appealing to your prospects.  It starts by creating content in a variety of formats (an email series, videos, reviews, webinars, and even links to supporting content on other sites) that is  geared to the key drivers of your prospect.  By providing buyers truly relevant content, you become the “Go-to” source and familiar authority for the buyer.

2.  Catch Website and Form Abandons
When a prospect leaves a whitepaper or webinar form before completing it, use your marketing platform to offer similar content in another form, or to see if they’d like to join a notice list for future content on the same topic. Collecting their email, interests, or perhaps an immediate comment lets you continue the dialog with someone who has shown interest in your  product or service.

3.  Natural Data Development
By tactfully gathering key information at each prospect or client interaction you can help Sales prioritize and close the sale faster with less cost.  Emails, quick survey forms, and QR codes make it easier than ever to grow actionable demographic and behavioral information. The key is not asking all at once for every piece of information you’d love to know. Many marketing automation platforms can “see” which information is missing from your customer/prospect profile and intelligently space out asking those questions.

4.  Event Etiquette That Pays Off
Webinars and special events are an essential part of the lead nurturing and sales process for many businesses. Customer and prospects attend hundreds per year and expect the process to be easy.  Automate a smooth flow of communication from the initial invite, the confirmation, timely reminders with clear directions for participation, and the “Thank you for attending” or “Sorry  we missed you” note with easy access to event materials. Every one of these touchpoints can be creatively written to be a stand-out and brand-reinforcing experience.


5.  Purchase Time Support and Welcome!
Solidify your customer relationship by providing reassuring and on-target communications at the time of sale and just after. Create lasting memories during the honeymoon phase by creating a thoughtful string of welcome, activation, training, and “how are we doing” communications. Go further and nurture the new buyer who hasn’t yet taken all the activation steps within the normal time period. It’s service that says you are a company who cares about their success.

6.  Celebrating Never Gets Old
Whether it’s their actual birthday or just the 1 month, 6 month,  or 24 month anniversary of their  starting business with you, people love to be recognized and rewarded unexpectedly. By collecting that actionable information, you can create an occasion to remember (and to get tweeted and  facebooked and talked about as well).

7.  Lifecycle Learning and Connections
Smart marketers keep learning about their key audience segments at each stage of customer lifecycle. Marketing automation makes it easier by helping you deliver proven offers and content exactly when each customer in the audience segment is most ready to receive it. Automation lets you leverage your past campaign learnings while also helping you easily test new ideas.

–  Set your system to deliver educational and best practice information to new users.
–  Share success stories or  unexpected usage stories for your longer-term customers to renew interest.
–  Remind customers nearing a “re-up” decision point of your track record, service, and superior value.

Automation lets marketers build an ongoing stream of relevant  communications for prospects and customers — without creating additional work for the sales team.  Marketing automation is the new sales work-horse, saving time and delivering extra responsive leads to the sales  team.