B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: The Marketer’s Guide


A new research report from Digital Marketing Depot is a KEY road map and times-saver for any company considering marketing automation. It includes a review of current industry trends and an excellent review of 13 top vendors – including feature comparisons and pricing.

B2B Marketing Automation Tools: The Marketer’s Guide covers what you need to know when selecting an automation tool, including:

  •  What trends are driving the adoption of marketing automation tools?
  •  Who are the leading players in marketing automation?
  •  What capabilities do marketing automation tools provide?
  •  Does my company need a marketing automation tool?
  •  How are marketing automation platforms priced?

The guide is free – you just  fill out a quick form to receive the download

Marketing automation is becoming increasingly essential for B2B marketing organizations who want to effectively target specific audience segments with the right messages at the right time.

Marketing automation platforms can help marketers streamline many time-consuming tasks like: email marketing execution landing page and form development prospect data capture, scoring, and nurturing website visitor tracking running multi-channel campaigns reporting and analysis of results message and offer testing.

Get started by charting the various customer interactions in your sales process and defining your communication goals. Think about your current needs as well as down-the-road possibilities when drafting your marketing automation requirements.  Marketing automation is being used by EVERY sized company and you don’t need to wait for an advanced marketing plan to start generating tangible ROI through automation.

Recently hearing this marketing automation experience reinforced to me the obvious growing future of marketing automation for all companies:

Marketing generated leads have a greater than 80% close rate  once the are converted to an Opportunity? That’s higher than any other  lead  source including traditional referral leads.

An integrated marketing to sales approach as the opportunity to really change the game.. Revenue can grow exponentially.    ~ Lorena Harris, VP Corporate Marketing, VANTIV

If you are considering marketing automation at all, do yourself a favor and take 10 minutes to read this guide. You’ll be glad you did – guaranteed!