Direct Marketing in the Integrated World


Even though marketing seems to have changed dramatically with the arrival of customer-driven marketing and the explosion of buying, researching, and influencing spaces, the basics of direct marketing still apply 100%.

Your map for integrated (omni-channel) marketing is actually the same fundamental direct marketing process of the last 100 years:


Segment your customers and prospects into meaningful groups with data collected from all your business touch points.  Look at what qualities and behaviors define your best customers or prospects. Look at how, when, and where they have purchased from you and keep those methods open to attract even more ‘best customer’.

Test new content ideas against what’s been working  and don’t hesitate to ask your best customers for the next “great idea”. They are often thrilled to share.


Next it’s time to create strategies and messages to meet your specific goals for each target group. Today, for maximum impact (and with FAR LESS trouble that ever before) you can create integrated, cross-channel marketing offers and easily track the best performers.

Every marketing campaign is an opportunity to reduce waste from over-marketing and better understand  and deliver what your customers want. You just need to track the numbers.


Direct Marketing’s number 1 priority has always been to boost sales, memberships, leads, or ‘engagement levels’ by using smart offers, timed right, to entice viewers to take action.

With all the collectible information available in today’s marketing automation software, creating personalized content through email, mail, and online spaces can be done instantly from the marketing manager’s desktop.

The key is creating a positive, relevant conversation with your customers to keep you top-of-mind, instead of your competitors.


Stick to your Marketing Plan! Track what works. Weed out what doesn’t, and expand your particular best mix of marketing channels to grow your business.   Watching and analyzing the data will let you simplify product cross-selling and automate your lead-nurturing across all company touch points.

Direct Marketing fits the new market of customer-driven, multi-channel marketing perfectly.

See, you had the marketing roadmap in hand all along.
You’re just applying it to a new world.

Bon Voyage!