The Q4 Process… Watch your customers grow

We segment your customers and prospects into meaningful groups with data collected from all your business touch points.  Next we answer: What do your best customers or prospects look like?  How, when, and where should you be marketing to them?  Who should you spend more time and money on?  Who less?

These answers, and likely a few surprises are waiting for you in your data.  We’ll help you make your marketing data ACTIONABLE and identify the profitable marketing path forward.  If key data is missing, we’ll set up natural ways to collect the data that will produce the next sale, referral, or online advocate for your company. 

Next it’s time to create strategies and messages to meet your specific goals for each target group. Q4 presents integrated, cross-channel marketing offers and strategies which can be easily tested and tracked.

You‘ll know your ROI for every marketing campaign, reduce waste from over-marketing, and better understand and deliver what your customers want.

Our proven method boosts sales, memberships, lead generation, and engagement levels by using smart offers, timed right, to entice viewers to take action.

Connecting with your customer where, when, and how THEY want to be reached takes a cohesive plan… but yields outstanding results. Q4 tailors your offers and messages across multiple channels to maximize your response, brand-awareness, and customer engagement.

Making it EASY for customers to buy from you starts with talking to them in ways they prefer. Keeping a positive, occasional conversation going with you customers keeps you top-of-mind instead of your competitors!

Today‘s technology tracks all the data you need and provides IT-free tools to quickly implement cross-channel communication.

Leverage everything! Q4 tracks what works, weeds out what doesn‘t, and expands the marketing methods that grow your business best.

We can simplify product up-selling or cross-selling and automate your lead nurturing across all company touch points. Grow at the pace your business needs while building marketing processes and tools that will scale with you.